“Joey Fullmer helped us with one of the biggest life changing decisions of our lives and our children’s lives.  She helped us buy our second home 2,200 miles away from where we are currently living.   After vacationing to the area earlier in the year, we made the decision to sell our current home, give up everything we know and purchase a home in Idaho; one that we never saw.  Without knowing everything about the area, she was able to provide us with knowledgeable information.  She was extremely helpful and friendly.  She treated us like family and helped us make this purchase without us physically being there.  She took pictures for us and reported the condition of the home and area accurately.  Considering this was the second time I purchased a home and the first time I sold one, she by far exceeded my expectations.  Buying and selling homes can be very stressful and challenging.  Through everything, She did a wonderful job.  She answered every question we had, met with us on short notice after we flew in for the closing, took pictures of the house, met with contractors to help us with repairs, and still helps us to this day.  I spoke with many people before this purchase and are so happy we used Joey.  She has a great personality.  She’s willing to work hard to get things done and most importantly she’s honest.  We put our entire trust in her, and everything worked out well.   I highly recommend her to anyone purchasing or selling a home in the area.”

-Casey and Chris DiTursi


“At the end of my home journey, Jennifer and I had ruled out over 500 houses! She worked so hard to find us a great home that would match up to our needs and priorities. We were so lucky to have such a great real estate agent with an amazing understanding of homes.  I really appreciate Jennifer’s knowledge of the community. If I had questions, she knew who to call! When we were in closing, she was on the phone with the bank constantly and doing anything she possibly could so we could close on time.  I cannot recommend Jennifer enough as a real estate agent!”

-D&D Thomson