Listing in the Teton Valley Real Estate Market

Davis 20 Ac Felt 016Spring is a stellar time to sell. With the cold winter months behind us, buyers are out and about in full swing looking for their next home. Mortgage rates are still at an all-time low, so buyers are poised to buy! Sixty percent of all homes in 2014 will be bought and sold between May and August.  So, if you are thinking of listing, NOW is the time to do before you miss the window of opportunity.

Pricing is a critical component to getting your home sold. Your agent should give you current comparable of similar homes in the area. In most markets, you would not want to go back more than 60 days, however in in the Teton Valley Real Estate Market, you may need to go back further and your agent will direct you on this matter. This matters due to the fluctuation of the market. A home that sold less than 6 months ago has a much better effect on your pricing than one that sold prior to that or has not sold yet.

The early bird gets the worm. You have less competition putting your listing on early than if you wait until May or June to finally list. You may miss lots of potential buyers, and set your home up for sitting on the market through the slow winter season.  You will look more motivated than the late bloomers.

Make sure your agent gets your listing online and compatible with smart phones. About 90% of people will find their next home using the internet and apps on their phones. Your agent should take good quality photos and have more than one or two photos on the listing. They should also make your listing pop with a good description of your home. Silver Peaks Realty’s website is optimized for mobile use. Check us out on your phone to see how easily perspective buyers can find your property via their mobile device.

If you are ready to sell, call, email or stop in and talk to one of our experienced agents. They will gladly prepare a CMA (Comparable Market Analysis) on your home or land to help you understand the current market value.

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