The Last Days of Winter

As the last few days of winter pass us by, it is time to spring forward. Longer daylight hours are coming, so now is the time to start recreating more. Spring skiing can be awesome, with light powder, and warmer temperatures. Over 25′ of snow has fallen this ski season, with plenty more to come. April 20th is the closing day at Grand Targhee, with annual events such as the Cardboard Box Derby, and the 1st Crazy Horse snowmobile hillclimb.
Spring fishing can also be a rewarding outing, rivers are clear and lakes are still frozen. Whether you are into ice fishing or fly fishing, now is a great time to enjoy the valley.
Planting and gardening is right around the corner. MD Landscaping just offered a free workshop, and more activities arrive constantly.
Mountain biking and snow biking will be another popular choice for many to get out in the outdoors.
If you are looking for peace and quiet, now is an excellent time to enjoy Teton Valley. Sunrise’s with a cup of coffee to evening sunset’s, you will find the valley to be an enjoyable experience. People are genuinely friendly and a Perfect Place to call home.
Steven Cook

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