June Spotlight Agent Mike McCashland

I grew up in Pocatello, Idaho. I went to Pocatello High School, and was a typical guy. I ran around causing trouble, was a scrappy ball player, and never dated a girl during hunting season.

I furthered my education at Idaho State University. I graduated with a marketing degree. I proved my marketing ability when I convinced a Canadian blonde to marry me! We both graduated and applied for jobs in the Teton Valley area. In the summer of 1992 I scored my first job in Jackson Hole, WY in outside sales. My wife was able to get a job teaching special education with the school district and we made the move.

Once my wife, brand new daughter and I moved to the Valley, I realized this was the perfect place for a fisherman, hunter, horseman, golfer to live. Since then I have changed my career a few times and raised a family here in Teton Valley, a place we all consider home.

I have four great kids and I have had the opportunity to watch them all find and excel in activities they are passionate about. I have supported, coached and followed my kids as they have pursued basketball, softball, football, piano, monster trucks, Business Professionals of America and many other activities.

Today, I work to find friends and neighbors homes where they can experience Teton Valley however they wish. I enjoy packing up on horses with my boys and hunting deer or else. My wife and I enjoy morning walks together, and backyard campfires with our kids. I have been blessed and feel very fortunate to have raised my family in such a beautiful valley, and hope to help others find the same joy here in Teton Valley.

Mike McCashland


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