Good Listener=Smart Seller by Gayle Conyers

There are a lot of prospective sellers out there that consider themselves pretty savvy when it comes to setting a list price for their property.  They will say that their home should be listed at a higher price because, for example, they spent a lot of money installing a trash compacter and water filtration system in the kitchen.  Or another seller might say that the $7,000 he just spent on upgrading his irrigation system and landscaping justifies a $20,000 increase in the list price of his home.  It’s understandable that some home sellers feel this way about the “improvements” they’ve made to their properties, but it puts their realtor between a rock and a hard spot when it comes to determining a list price.  How does a realtor diplomatically explain that buyers aren’t particularly interested in filtered water or a large, crushing trash can?  Or how about having to break it to the seller that there’s no way to justify a $20,000 increase for the formal rose garden he just planted?

As trained professionals, realtors are equipped with the tools to assist prospective sellers in determining a fair list price for their property, whether it is a lot, and single-family residence or a restaurant.  Realtors use information gleaned from past sales of like property and take into consideration location, recent price increases in the market and inventory of similar properties.  Armed with all this data, the realtor will sit down with the seller to discuss list price.  Sometimes a realtor will ask the seller what list price he has in mind, sometimes the realtor will state a list price based on the data and get the sellers opinion.  The point is that the realtor has the expertise to arrive at a list price in order to sell the property as quickly as possible at the best possible price.  The take-away from this is that if the seller is a GOOD LISTENER, then he will end up being a SMART SELLER!

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  1. Daniel Roggia says

    I live in a log home Upstate NY, I love the Tetons and am curious about prices on a small home PREFERABLY LOG 2 bed 2 bath are fine. I would like to be in or near the woods. But if I could just look out the window at the mountains it would be great! Also a couple of a acres would be great. Thanks

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